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the most stagnant band on the face of the earth

Welcome to the Baboon Rising website. This page is compatible with all browsers in all tablets and phones.

The new album "This Composition" is out now!

New Album

This CompositionYou can purchase a digital copy complete with 12 songs  mp3 format encoded at 320 kbps bit rate and 6 page booklet in pdf format now via PayPal! Only $9.99

Metal With A Warped Flair

Baboon Rising is comprised of outlandish lyrics and set to the soundtrack of metal. Out of the ordinary best describes the lyrical content from political themes to subjects never broached before in metal, marinated with humor throughout.


It's all about merchandising

Check out this T-Shirt. You want one! Don't you? I can just sense  it. The only problem is that they cost money. Sorry about that. I can't even get one free.

United States Mint
United Stares Mint

The place where our coins are manufactured. I like coins.

Sledge Hammer!

The best situation comedy in television history.

Socially Hip

BR is on every social media site except for the ones it's not present